July 2016: Seeds to Branches Update

The “Seeds to Branches” bridge team strives to provide ongoing updates for our three-year campaign regularly. Most of this information was shared at the annual meeting, and the pledges and gifts have been updated. We are continuing to seek additional pledges and contributions.

To date: Number of pledges – 258. Total pledged – $1,746,686. Revenue received: $494,150. Total expected revenue – $2,000,000.

At this time, Peace leadership is refining Early Childhood plans. The tentative plan to seek congregation approval for the Early Childhood Center has been postponed until fall 2016. All Seeds to Branches campaign expenses to date have been paid. Remember, the campaign is in the first year of a three-year campaign.

The Building Task Force moved forward with the architect search and developing options. The Board of Directors continues discussions with LEAP, VLHS and others. Early Childhood analysis is ongoing. The directives for this task force regarding Early Childhood construction is to investigate options for building plans, including “thinking outside box” for planning new and existing facilities.

The Building Task Force’s main priority to advance plans was to secure an architect. Four firms submitted proposals. Three local firms were selected for consideration. There were numerous ways the task force reviewed and considered all information obtained. A number of different comparisons were advanced, including interviews, checking references, and using an alternative analysis process.

Throughout the entire decision-making engagement, the Building Task Force took the issue to the Lord in prayer, begging his guidance.

Using a secret ballot, the architectural firm WTA (Wigen Tincknell Associates) was chosen. This is the same firm responsible for the current Peace School.

Track Our Progress Online

ProgressSnapshotPastor Weis gave us some big news during his sermon on Sunday, December 13: We had hit $1 million in advance commitments to the “Seeds to Branches” campaign. When adding the pledges received during Commitment Sunday services, we are currently at $1,594,586.06 in commitments — 43 percent of our goal to raise $3.75 million to expand the Early Childhood ministry at Peace School to include infant and toddler care. Follow the campaign’s progress over the next three years on our Progress Page.

Seeds to Branches: Where Do We Go from Here?

After the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River, God led them to their next steps in His vision of taking possession of the land He would give them. It didn’t happen all at once. It involved more hard work, risks, planning and trust.

SeedsSermon6That is where Peace will be for the next weeks and months. We will evaluate the river-crossing phase of the “Seeds to Branches” campaign (pledges), solicit more support in terms of commitments and possible grants, and continue the planning process of what —and how much — God will have us do to see the branches grow.

So, what are the next steps?

Those who have pledged donations: If you have already turned in a campaign Commitment Card pledging your weekly, monthly or yearly donations over the next three years, you may start your giving at any time. Giving can be arranged electronically at http://peacesaginaw.org/give/. “Seeds to Branches” envelopes are available in the pews at Adams, and at the Welcome Centers at both campuses. If possible, please start fulfilling your commitment by the first week of January. If this is not in your plan, please contact church Business Manager Mike Socier at msocier@peacesaginaw.org so he can note it in your commitment.

Those who have not pledged donations: If you are still considering a pledge toward “Seeds to Branches,” please pray about it. Commitment Cards are available at the Welcome Center. Please let us know if you have any questions we can answer.

Everyone: Much prayer, planning, discussion and campaign follow-up will need to happen. The congregation will be informed of future gatherings for information and formal votes to follow God’s leading as we prepare to expand.

During this busy holiday season, please keep the leadership of Peace in your prayers, and keep on asking God to bless “Seeds to Branches” for the next generation!

In His Grip,

Pastor Bill Weis


Winter Carnival was Tons of Fun

FishChildren of Peace line up to take their shot at winning a goldfish during the “Seeds to Branches” Winter Carnival for All Ages on Sunday, December 13, at Peace Lutheran School. See all the photos from the event in our Facebook photo album.


Join Our Celebration on Sunday, December 13

KinrBxpiqYou are cordially invited to the “Seeds to Branches” Celebration: A Winter Carnival for All Ages on Sunday, December 13, from 12:30-3:30 p.m. at Peace Lutheran School, 3161 Lawndale Road. Come and celebrate how God has moved in the hearts and lives of our church family on this special weekend.

Sunday afternoon, we will have a fantastic FREE celebration throughout the entire school that you won’t want to miss, including:

  • A 16-foot inflatable slide
  • Velcro wall
  • Photo booth
  • Live music
  • Face painting
  • Balloon animals
  • Cake walk
  • Carnival games and prizes
  • Bingo for all ages
  • Carnival food, desserts and refreshments


‘Seeds to Branches’ Commitment Sunday is December 13

4385F Giving #10 Envelope

As we near Commitment Weekend, December 12-13, we want you to consider what role God is asking you to play in giving toward the “Seeds to Branches for Another Generation” Generosity Campaign. As Peace Lutheran Church and School continues to commit itself to reaching another generation with the good news of Jesus Christ, we are grateful for the generous giving of our church family, which makes this possible. We know that God hasn’t given everyone the ability to give the same dollar amount, but we also know that he calls each of us to give according to what he has given us — “not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.”

At all worship services on Sunday morning, we will have the opportunity to express our trust in God by turning in our three-year commitment cards for “Seeds to Branches,” our generosity campaign that seeks to raise $3.75 million to expand our Early Childhood ministry to include infant and toddler care.

We are praying that we will be humbled by what God is able to do though our sacrifices as a body of believers. It may come as a surprise to discover what God can do IN YOU through sacrifice. The process of determining your commitment for another generation can help you grow spiritually more than you might think. As we open our bank accounts to the Lordship of Jesus, we are also opening our hearts.

Beyond equipping us to provide excellent ministry to children and families, trusting God with our resources is fundamental to growing in our trust in Him. We hope that as God helps us to let go of the grip that material possessions have on us, we will learn to be more open-hearted and generous than we imagined possible, and celebrate God’s goodness to us.


Kids Give ‘Noisy’ Offerings to ‘Seeds to Branches’ on December 6

KidsOfferingThe children of Peace Lutheran Church and School brought their “Seeds to Branches” offerings during the 11:15 a.m. service on Sunday, December 6. For more photos from the service, check out our Facebook photo album.



Local Media Help Peace Tell the ‘Seeds to Branches’ Story

PrayerWalkHandsMother Theresa was once asked how she received a call to serve the poor. She replied that she had never received a call to serve the poor — she had a call to follow Jesus, and he led her to the poor. In Week 3 of our “Seeds to Branches” generosity campaign and Bible study, we are looking at how we serve Jesus. Isn’t that what this is all about? Week 1 was “For the Children,” and Week 2 was “For Saginaw.” When we fix our eyes on Jesus and seek God’s will first, we are naturally led to serve children and our community. It’s our sincere desire to lead others to Christ, which is why we feel the call to expand our Early Childhood ministry at Peace School. We thank God for our Prayer Walk on Tuesday, November 24, at the school, and for the incredible reach that local media gave to our story. If you haven’t seen the news coverage yet, please click below to take a look:


Newspaper Highlights Prayer Walk, Proposed School Expansion

prayer-walkThe Township View Newspaper in Saginaw Township is helping to get the word out about Peace Lutheran School’s Prayer Walk on Tuesday, Nov. 24, as well as our “Seeds to Branches” generosity campaign for the proposed expansion of our Early Childhood ministry to include toddler and infant care. Read the full newspaper article here!


Seeds of Faith for Saginaw: Prayer Walk Nov. 24

IMG_5866You are invited to join the students of Peace Lutheran School as they spend part of their last day before the Thanksgiving break praying for the families who live in nearby neighborhoods during a Prayer Walk on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

In this week’s “Seeds to Branches” generosity campaign focus — “Seeds of Faith for Saginaw” — we’re looking at Peace’s outreach to our neighbors, and how we can do more.  As you know, we feel God is calling Peace to serve this community by expanding our Early Childhood ministry to include infant and toddler care in the near future.

On Tuesday, Peace students and their families will start the school day with a 7:55 a.m. Prayer Walk at the school, 3161 Lawndale Road. They will walk through the halls praying for current and past students. Next, they will separate into groups to pray at all corners of the school — looking out to the north, south, east and west — to pray for all the families in the neighborhoods surrounding the school.

“Since its founding, Peace has always kept a primary focus on children and families — not just our Peace church families, but all families in this community,” Pastor Bill Weis said. “We feel a deep responsibility to Saginaw and to the township. What better way to care for these families than to provide loving, quality child care and education for their children?”


Prayer Concert Full of Blessings

IMG_4298The presence and power of our Lord were felt as many gathered for the “Seeds to Branches” Prayer Concert on Nov. 7 at Peace Church. Hands were raised and heads were bowed as we worshiped to the beautiful music of the Peace Praise Band, Youth Band and BASIC (Brot
hers and Sisters in Christ). The concert was a kickoff to the Seeds to Branches Generosity Campaign.

Building Renderings